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Rock Salt Lamp / Wooden Basket

Rock Salt Lamp / Wooden Basket


Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp in Wood Basket.

Size:  6" x 6" x 7.5" 

The Crystal Rocks are housed in a wood basket which is made using finest quality Wood (Sheesham). Sheesham wood, also known as Indian Rosewood or Dalbergia sisso, is a deciduous tree, native to the Indian Subcontinent. After teak, it is the most important cultivated timber tree of the Punjab, which is the largest producer of Sheesham timber in Pakistan.


The product comes complete in a box with Plug-in Cable and Bulb (E-14, Pigmy)

Simply plug it in to enjoy the benefits of Rock Salt Lamp.

  • Product Info

    The Salt Lamps are made from Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Rock formed milions of years ago in the foothills of Himalaya. 

    Each lamp is carefully handcrafted to retain a unique, beautiful and natural shape of the rock. The warm glow beautifies any room in the office or at home while producing healthy negative ions thus improving the quality of air.

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